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Choose Your Singer


Forever In Song employs a talented stable of singers.

Click on the Soundcloud links below and take a listen to each vocalist and

choose the one you want to bring your story and your song to life.


*Additional performance fees apply.

Jace Pawlak
Jace Pawlak - Voice sample
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Jace has been writing songs for 25 years.  Based in Orlando, he works as a piano player, songwriter, and music producer.  His command of heartfelt lyrics, harmonies, and musical arrangement has been rewarded with several top 10 albums.  As Creative Director, he wants to give you a gift you will have forever.
Rob Volpe*
Rob Volpe.jpg
Rob Volpe - Voice sample
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Rob is an Orlando based singer and pianist.  A dueling piano player for most of his career at both Howl at the Moon and Jellyrolls, he also plays coorperate events and weddings.  He also has tried his hand at songwriting with his album Return to Reality.
Jennifer Bonner
Pete Lents*
Pete Lents.jpg
Pete Lents - Voice sample
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Jennifer is an Orlando based actress, singer, and director.  A member of Actor's Equity, she saves the galaxy as a Jedi, has terrorized as a Shakespearean Queen, made them laugh in Noises Off, and Sent in the Clowns in A Little Night Music.  She is so honored to bring your memories to life through song.
Chris Swan*
luppy face.jpg
Chris Swan - Voice sample
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Chris “Luppy” Swan is a crowd favorite at numerous hotspots across the St. Louis area. Landing his first gig at the age of 12, he’s been going strong ever since.  A singer, rapper, piano player, trumpet player, he was a member of LP Outsiders which toured the country and appeared on the Three To Tango movie soundtrack, on the Disney Channel and opened for Culture Club, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Cherry Poppin’ Daddy’s.
Pete has worked many facets of the music/entertainment industry for almost 20 years. From playing piano and singing for original band “Fulton’s Folly” to dueling pianos, to working as a voice actor and audio engineer for “The Audio Knights Theatre,” to currently, fronting the band “Abacab-The Music of Genesis,” and owner of his own entertainment company, “Brookstone Bards," he has done it all. 
Shawn Pelata*
Shawn Pelata - Voice sample
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Shawn has been singing for almost 30 years, finding his way through many different genres and styles. He is the lead singer for numerous bands including Line of Fire, 7HY, and Liberty N Justice.  His professionalism and range of vocal styles makes him a "go to" for anyone needing a lead singer.
Scotty Kilwein*
Scotty face.jpg
Scotty Kilwein - Voice sample
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As a full time Entertainer at Jellyrolls at the Walt Disney World Resort, he has been tickling the ivories since 2002. Scotty studied music at University of Dayton. He has written and recorded three albums with his group The Kilwein Family Tree-o.
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