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The process:
1. Tell us your story.

2. Choose your musical style.
3. Choose the level of production you wish your song to receive. (see Pricing page for descriptions)
4. Choose the Forever In Song staff vocalist you would like to sing your song.* 
5. Consult with us every step of the way so we can make some magic for you.

 *In certain cases we can have YOU or someone you know be the singer. This is dependent on a few factors. If you are interested in this, please ask us when we start working on your project.



Forever In Song works very closely with individuals to craft the perfect personalized song. You tell us your story.  The more details you provide, the more personal we can make your creation. We hone in on the musical style you envision for your song and encapsulate “you” in the music and lyrics.


We incorporate any inside jokes, sayings, nicknames, pet names, references, etc... that you would love to have included and pepper in any and all personal touches about your story and your life to make a song that is truly “your song.”
Check out the videos on the Catalog page to see how we created the personal touches for our clients in our past work.

During the creative process, we will keep in close contact with you as the song progresses.

You have final say over any lyrical lines you would like included, omitted, or changed.

You will be provided with updated drafts of your song as it develops to ensure that we are moving in the direction that best expresses you and your story.

These versions will have an audio watermark for protection. 

Our goal is to create something that makes us all excited and proud. 



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