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Jace Pawlak
Creative Director

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A note from the Creative Director: Jace Pawlak

When I was a kid music was everything to me. It still is. 

Music moved me and changed me. I paid attention to who wrote all of my favorite songs. I couldn't wait to get home, open the CD booklet, read the lyrics, and discover who wrote the music. Who created the stories that colored my world.  Since that time, songwriting is what I wanted to do with my life. I've wanted to write songs since I was in high school and discovered that writing was something you could do as a job. I wanted to make my living creating songs that would touch people the way songs touched me when I was young. I wanted to connect with people through music. My heroes were Diane Warren, Desmond Child, Jack Blades, Jonathan Cain, David Foster, and Bryan Adams. 

The musical landscape has changed. The market has become oversaturated with songs and artists. I had been thinking about how to reach people in a world of ten second attention spans and an almost universal belief that music is now free.  I had been commissioned to write a wedding song by a couple whom I did not know well personally.  How was I going to make this work?  How was I going to make this song about THEM?  I had been writing for years from my own experiences, creating stories through music, but I hadn't written FOR someone.  So I started asking questions.  About their lives.  About their relationship.  About them.  And the magic happened... not just a song, but an idea.  A way to fulfill my lifelong dream. A way I can create and make something special for people which they carry with them throughout their lives. Songs specifically for them.  Specifically about them.   And that's what I always wanted to do since I was a young music junkie... make that connection with people through music. 

To create something that touches them every time they hear it.  Because music is forever.

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