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Below are some of our past clients,       their songs, and their stories. 




Living Proof

-Bill Kettleson, Loving Husband

Anniversary song. Anniversary gift. 

(Production 1. Solo vocal & instrument.)


Living Proof is a custom written song written for Kathy & Bill Kettleson.

Bill had this song created as a surprise anniversary gift for his wife, Kathy.

Watch, listen, and read this video to see how we tell the story of their life together.

What gift is possibly worthy of a woman that has truly enriched your life in ways
 you never imagined? That is often my struggle when considering what to give my wife, 
especially when we celebrate a special anniversary. Flowers fade and trips become a distant memory. 
But this year I was able to present the love of my life with a gift very beautiful and truly personal: 
a song created specifically for her that celebrates our love and life together.
I think of how great love songs throughout the decades have stirred our emotions 
and captured our spirit. And now, through Forever In Song, my wife and I have our own song that tells our unique love story! 
Through conversations that he and I had during the songwriting process, Jason was able to delve into 
what circumstances brought my wife and I together, what characteristics made us both know that we belonged together, 
and what inspiration kept our love growing over these many years. 
Forever In Song took the time to ask probing questions that helped shape a song that truly is “US”.  
Jason is an incredibly gifted songwriter and musician, 
and we are fortunate to have come across this opportunity to commission the perfect love song. 

Forever In Song crafted us a gift that will last for generations!


Better Than Magic

Wedding song. Wedding gift.

(Production 3. Full song.)


Better Than Magic is a custom written wedding song for Ashley and Bart.

Watch, listen, and read this video to see how we turned their story into song.



I couldn't decide what to give my future husband as a wedding gift; the traditional cuff links seemed so impersonal.  But, thanks to the talent, lyricism, musicality, and professionalism of Forever in Song, I gifted my husband with an original song that is just ours.  Forever in Song listened to the details of how we met, how our love grew, and our goals for our future together.  From our story, they crafted "Better Than Magic", which we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever.  We look forward to listening to it on every anniversary and sharing it with our daughter.

-Ashley Lab, Bride




Win or Lose

Celebration song. Christmas gift.

(Production 3. Full song.)

Win Or Lose is a custom written song written for Charles Allison, Jason Osteen, & Charles Rasnake.

Watch, listen, and read this video to see how we turned their story of friendship into song.

Going into my experience with Forever in Song, I knew the people behind it were already talented musicians and songwriters, although I had no idea what to expect. I chose to have a song written about the bond between myself and my two best friends as a Christmas gift to them. What I got was far beyond my expectations! Forever in Song asked the right, personal questions, getting straight to the heart of our friendship by finding out what made us tick as well as the types of music that we most enjoyed. The final product was a personalized anthem, harmonious in sound with lyricism layered with references to our friendship that only we can understand.

It's truly something that we will treasure forever.





Sing With Me

Celebration song. Birthday gift. 

(Production 2. Vocals & Rhythm section.)

Sing With Me is a custom written song written for Adam Rackis. 

It was a surprise birthday present from his wife, Laura.

Watch, listen, and read this video to see how we tell the story of their nights out together through song.

-Charles Allison, Best Friend

-Laura Rackis, Amazing Wife

What do you get for the man who has everything? A personalized song from Forever In Song!! That's what I did as an anniversary gift. I corresponded with Forever In Song about my husband, provided them with some details of our life together and what I would like the song to convey, and they put all of those ideas together and created a one of a kind gift. It will never get old, it will never break, and my husband will never outgrow it.

This is a unique, timeless gift that we will both treasure through the years.

I highly recommend it."



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