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Music lives forever. Songs express emotions and connect us in a way nothing else can.

Forever In Song provides a way to give a unique gift you cannot get anywhere else.

We help tell your story and express your love, your appreciation, your respect, your hopes, your wishes, your commitment, your memories, your celebration, etc…

We are a specialized service that composes, performs, records, and produces custom made music for any occasion. We have over 20 years of experience writing and producing and we deal closely with our clients to help forge something special and personal for each of them.

We work with you to create something that will last forever.  

We make your story, your moments, and your memories timeless.

Please browse through the site to  learn more about how this works, pricing, the creation process, and read/hear some of our past clients' songs/stories on our Catalog page.

Forever In Song writes, composes, records, performs, mixes, and masters.  
We work with people one on one every step of the way to incorporate as much of their personality as we can. We want to make things special and personal.  This company was started as a labor of love by our Creative Director, Jace Pawlak.  A professional musician and songwriter for over 20 years, Jace brings his award winning talents to your life.  With a team behind him as passionate about creating YOUR songs as he is, you can be assured you will feel like the only client we have.  We will make the soundtrack of your life.

We tell your story with music, and music is forever.  It will last from generation to generation and will always be YOURS to enjoy on every special occasion or on a day like today just to move you.    
Nothing is cookie cutter. Everything is composed from scratch and we proceed closely with clients to tailor the sound to the style of music they enjoy.  

From a simple piano/guitar song to a full band/vocals production, and everything in between. 

Music tells a story, and we want to tell your story. 

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